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Monday, July 25


Mute Here,

Just a quick blog to say that Rob Gale (GM) has just started a clothing Company called MVFK Designs!

he has kindly designed us an UP!DOWN! RECORDS tee shirt, available for just £11.90 right here:

Check out his other products in his store and support him!

Thursday, July 7

COMING SOON! The return Of The Misprints

Hello Everyone Mute Here.

Its been a long old break for the blog. Allowing us all to just take a while to get on with our lives.

I have been busy, however after a conversation with rob of the genetic misprints yeasterday night I can now reveal that the long awaited CAST PARTY trilogy is ready for release.

Thier last release was last october and asfter the hiatus that they requested. The GM are back.

Rob and Darren have recorded a trilogy of thier most diverse material yet, making use of all of the characters they have created in the years they have been active.

All 3 albums will be released in the next few days. Expect ALOT of new music.

So far I have had the pleasure of listening to 'Sheffield FTW' and i agree with rob's own description of it as 'The most fun listen to date'. The other two albums 'Mulletproof' and 'Tom the Pimpin' Teddy Bear' will be released alongside.

I cannot wait until the label is back in business with regular new releases and the blog is yet again packed with all new FREE music.

I am so happy to share such a beautiful thing with such beautiful people.


Friday, January 14

Mute Here. Just A Quick note to tell you that after our short break from the blog, new stuff will indeed be uploaded soon! Expect all new GM stuff including The Cast Party Trilogy and CI7IZ3N850 Shows us what he's made of.

Also ensure you check out Hunting Citizen, Out New Webseries exclusively on youtube, Created by rob gale of GM and our artwork fame. Subsribe right here:

Saturday, January 8


Hey Guys!

Check out the brand new UDR webseries 'Hunting Citizen'. With Brand New Episodes Premiering Every Saturday Right Here:

Directed by Rob Gale Of GM and Our Artwork Fame, This Series Follows Him As He Tries TO Track Down And Interview CI7IZ3N850. Watch The First Two Episodes Right NOW!

Also Check Out and Subsribe To His Channel For Exclusive Genetic Misprints and CI7IZ3N850 Music Videos.


Sunday, December 5

Genetic Misprints vs Smashing Grandpa- I Bet The 80's Were Really Awesome SPLIT

release date: 2010
track list:
1. Average Triplet- Genetic Misprints
2. Desert Of Dreams- Genetic Misprints
3. Gas Masks & Firewalls- Mute and The Unspoken
4. The Invisible Divide- Smashing Grandpa
5. I Bet The 80's Were Really Awesome- Smashing Grandpa vs. Genetic Misprints

information: Part 2 of our surprise for the fans, an exclusive split release between us remaining members of Smashing Grandpa and Genetic Misprints, using rare and exclusive SG track with a GM spin. This is to commemorate the life of Tom Thumb and to share something new and old together.

UP!DOWN! Records Promotional Demo 2010- Holy Shit! It's A Cow

release date: 2010
track list:
1. TCH- CI7IZ3N850
2. God, Cheers Mate.- Genetic Misprints
3. Trash (CI7IZ3N850 Beatcrusha Remix)- Genetic Misprints
4. Cobra Virus 9- Mute and The Unspoken
5. Cakefighter- Save Games Not Lives
6. Infinty=Nil- Smashing Grandpa

information: A little something for the fans to say thankyou for all of the support and a promotional demo to show the world what we're about. Featuring lots of exclusive tracks such as CI7IZ3N850's Remix of GM's Trash and an exclusive new track from 'Mute and the unspoken'


Friday, December 3

Save Games Not Lives-Whats My Grandson's Name Again?

release date: 2010

track list:
1. Cakefighter
2. Fisted By A Powerglove
3. I am Beowulf and I'm here to kill your monster
4. I believe I've spent enough time in the company of death.
5. I Need 5887 Willies By Nightfall Or Your Budgie Gets It
6. Last Night A Beedrill Saved My Life
7. Nazi Mark Stole The Tri-Force
8. They say it has no memory. That's where I want to live the rest of my life. A warm place with no memory
9. Tortoises Are People Too
10. You Spoony Bastard!

information: The debut release from the Nintendocore duo, using Smashing Grandpa samples with added vocals. Check out Cakefighter and Fisted by A Powerglove.

CI7IZ3N850-Una (Vasta) Historia De La Violencia

release date: 2008

track list:
1. Liar
2. Yalanci
3. Mentiroso
4. Lugner
5. Sinungaling

information: The citizens last release on his previos record label, this album features basic vocals as well as much more layered sounds compared to 'Health Of Mind' This is a good, although simplified, version of his current sound.


Monday, November 8


Male sure you check out the video or click the link below. Its youtube at its finest!
Created by Rob Gale of GM and all of our design work fame, nothing but greatness! as part of his university project, Normally I despise this kind of promotion for shit work, but this, my friends is most certainly not shit!




P.S. In a Good Mood Today! Loadsa Stuff Happening Very Soon.

Thursday, November 4

CI7IZ3N850- Health Of Mind

release date: 2007

track list:
1. Defects
2. Inventory
3. Motion
4. Over Processing
5. Over-Production
6. Unnecessary Transportation
7. Waiting

information: The Citizen's debut release, originally on his old label. This album marks the beginning of a journey for one man to spread his message, expect hectic sounds and powerful noises. The least polished of his entire catalogue but gives way for great things to follow.


Wednesday, November 3

Mute and The Unspoken- Retrocalypse Now!

release date: 2010

track list:
1. The Logic Of Violence
2. Macro Storm
3. Core Without Distortion
4. The Hybrid
5. Digital Acid
6. Ambient Pulse
7. Cobra Virus 9
8. Static And The Chaos
9. The Colour Of Freedom
10. Fusion Sky
11. Information Overload

information:Yes you read right, my new full studio album. This is what I have been doing for the past few months. Featuring a couple of my good friends as 'The Unspoken'. Many people have said that I sounds just like Smashing Grandpa which is what I was aiming for, I love making this type of music so I may aswell keep up with it.

Smashing Grandpa- Hello Baltimore (SG Live)

release date: 2006

track list:
1. U.S.B. (Live)
2.Wonderland (Live)

information: Recorded initially in 2006 as part of a full live album, these crude bootlegs are all that remain after a computer virus hit the SG studios. A must have for any fan.


Winter 2010 Update

Mute here,

I realise that I haven't updated the blog in a while and that has been due to work commitments and other projects, and finally it all seems to be coming together. I have many more releases to add to the blog, including lots from our new artists.

Aploigies for this only being a quick update but its all beginning very soon.


Monday, September 20

Band Bio: Save Games Not Lives


Profound Wanderer- Lead Vocals/ Programming

The Observer- Backing Vocals

A Few months ago in the City Of Bristol in the UK, two gamers met at a nintendocore concert. They chatted  throughout the night and exchanged contact details. 3 Days later they met up for a jamming session and 'Save Games Not Lives' was born.

Within a week they had recorded thier debut album in a bedroom studio, remixing and redubbing old Smashing Grandpa tracks. It has taken lots of mastering and unforseen circumstances but it is finally done.

Discography: (Will All Be Made Available To Download In Due Course)

2010 (Upcoming) - What's My Grandson's Name Again?

Many thanks again to Rob of GM for the contact.

Friday, September 17


 CI7IZ3N850. 2008 - ???
Hardclash/ Noise

In 2007 a mysterious artist burst onto the underground scene in the UK. He would never perform without a mask and mysteriously sounded different everytime he played. His music was a mixture of hardclash vocals, punk lyrics and chiptune synths- dubbing his genre simply 'noise'.

In 2008 and after much controversy (Due to his disliking of recording) he relesed his debut album 'Una (Vasta) Historia De La Violencia', complete with 5 tracks that we're all called 'liar' in different languages. He released this on his own independant label 'whoreclash records'. Due to overwhelming demand (and the fact that he played for free and had no money) the cds sold out in minutes on his 'Alright Overnight' tour.

Since the release he claims that he has been waiting for a label with the correct 'ethics' and approach to music before he releases more, fortunately for us, he found U!D!R.

Believe me it is impossible to tell what we're going to get from him, when you listen to his debut there is such a vast range of everything, including songs reversed in other songs and whole copied sections. We want to ensure the mystery behind the figure that is 'CI7IZ3N580'

Discography: (Will All Be Made Available To Download In Due Course)

2008 - Una (Vasta) Historia De La Violencia

He is currently recording his latest release 'Parallelobomb' at Ragnarok Studios (Of Genetic Misprints Fame) I have to give props to Rob of GM for the contact.


SITE UPDATE 16/6/2010

Mute Here,

I'm sure that all of you have been waiting for news of the next steps for U!D!R. Well over the past couple of weeks I have been securing a few new artists for the label. Lets just say one is very different and one is similar, haha i'm giving nothing away!

Over the next few days I will be adding 2 new 'Band Bio' pages, these will provide details on the artists and thier type of music. There also should be uploads of both of these artists within a week.

In Other News, as our artists are such a tight community, I have decided that we should use every opportunity for you (the fans) to really get to know them, so I intend to ask the same 5 questions to each artist and post them.

Make Sure You Stick Around Guys, Because This Is A Very Exciting Time For The Label


Tuesday, September 14

Thats It....

The final GM release (for now) has been uploaded to the blog, and I would just like to take this time to thank the guys ar Genetic Misprints and Ragnarok Studios for thier input to the blog. Here are just a few statistics about thier achievement in the last year:

Genetic Misprints Have Produced:
8 Studio Albums
2 B-Sides Albums
3 EPs
2 Compilation Albums
3 Singles

The longest track is '18:01 Overture' at 18:01 and the shortest is 'Peter' at 5 seconds.
That makes up 19 releases in 10 months, just under two a month.
Producing in total 282 songs (wasting 11 hours,, 34 minutes and 24 seconds of shitty songs on a guitar)

To date the most popular album (in downloads) is Viva La Cheese which has reached a staggering 4359 downloads.
And the entire Genetic Misprints back catalogue has had over 15,000 downloads.

For a band who started out just by messing around with recording software in the chrismas break from college, its isn't half bad. They have allwed this blog to flourish and become what I always wanted; a potal for unsigned bands, who don't care about the money, to spread thier music, no matter what genre or style.

To all of you avid readers out there, don't worry because I have a few surprises up my sleeve and all will be revealed in due course.

Genetic Misprints-The Best Of A Bad Bunch: Volume 2

release date: 2010

track list:
1. Apples And Pears (Random Version)
2. Avatar
3. Bricks
4. Festival Blues
5. God, Cheers Mate.
6. Granny's Last Christmas (Was Last Year)
7. Mr. Mac (We Used To Be Lovers)
8. Record Breaking Song
9. Save The World (To Make Us Look Good(
10. Since When Was Murdering Frowned On?
11. Tree Pram
12. We Decalre Our Intentions
13. Don't You Dare (Touch My Hair)
14. The 'New Song' Song
15. My Dream (I Have No Legs)
16. Suicide (Killing Yourself Doesn't Have To Be Depressing)

information: The second part to the compilaton series that means you only have to download this instead of all of the oter stuff!!! Magic, eh? This album comprises of the most popular and band favourite songs on every release AFTER the 'Mauve Album'. Just download it, like now.

Genetic Misprints- Date-Rape and Selotape EP

release date: 2010

track list:
1. Alan Makes It Big At Last
2. Alphabet Spaghetti
3. Ants Look Like Little Snowmen
4. BBQ
5. Bricks
6. Cheese Party Political Broadcast
7. Chic-a-bah
8. Child Prodigy
9. D's Pain
10. De Ja Vu
11. Gobbledygook
12. Hate Is A Strong Word
13. Hello Maggie
14. Holey Moley
15. I Be Cat
16. I Love Monkeys
17. Jom & Terry
18. Keys
19. Landofhope
20. Most Dangerous Song Ever
21. Orange Rhymes With Tony Blair
22. Ranty Rant
23. A Real Life Reconstruction Of A Forest
24. Rhyme Is No Crime
25. The Seven C's
26. Turkey Drummers
27. VD Day
28. Wombat Chili
29. 1 Milllion Pound Question
30. Backwards Bollocks
31. Cheese
32. Nom
33. Less Of That
34. Peter
35. Love Hate- Hate Love
36. 2 Words
37. Shortbread
38. To Be Continued...
39. ...Right Now
40. Suck My Ass T-Pain
41. Cricket
42. Clickity Click Click

information: This EP has 42 songs at exactly 33 minutes and 30 seconds. This EP was inspired by the Left Rights album 'What All The Cooool Retards Are Listening To'. It is a compilation of all of the best short skits and songs, with loads of new ones added, the title came out of a conversation between me and rob of GM. Its a mixed bag, just try to stop caring for half an hour and enter the insane world of the Genetic Misprints.

Genetic Misprints- Theme Tune Single

release date: 2010

track list:
1. Theme Tune (Clean Version)
2. Theme Tune (Dirty Version)

information: The release of the track which is the theme tune to our webshow, you can view the full video here: featuring the clean and dirty versions.